Immerse in this upbeat and creative yoga practice which seamlessly links your breath with movement. You will have to be fully present in the moment as you engage your attention equally to alignment and transitions. You will experience different sequences for each flow class but they ultimately build an awareness in you of the energetic and structural benefits of a physical, asana practice. The intelligent progression that moves from basic to complex, will leave you feeling balanced, satisfied and happy!

Feeling lethargic, dull or heavy? Try this healing practice to renew your energy, and improve your strength as well as flexibility. Work with a variety of poses that cleanse toxic substances from your body and toxic thoughts from your mind. Break some sweat as you give yourself that boost your body is craving for! You will definitely feel refreshed at the end of the session.

Give your body the ultimate workout! Dynamically sequenced, this physically challenging class will get you digging deep into your energy stores. You will just need to remain steadfast in your focus and maintain a calm breath throughout the practice and everything will be fine. Don't forget your sense of adventure as we incorporate simple arm balancing poses into the class!

This class is meant for you if you are totally new to yoga or if you would like to revisit the fundamental poses and get reacquainted with their alignment. You will be introduced systematically to the basic concepts, breathing techniques, and common sequences practised in other classes. While this is a primer to the practice of yoga and sets the groundwork for your other vigorous yoga classes, do not underestimate the intensity of the class!

Open your body, peel away layers of stress, injury, and tension that reside within. Learn to slow down with this quiet practice that targets your deeper connective tissue with the intention of improving overall flexibility and bringing better circulation. You will hold poses for a longer period of time with very little muscular engagement, supported by props and gentle guidance. This class is a wonderful complement to your slightly more athletic pursuits like cycling, running, swimming and even lifting weights.

Take a leap of faith and fly! Going upside down and topsy turvy is part of the program. In this class, you will build up your upper body strength and learn proper alignment in these gravity- defying poses. To the outsider, these poses may look impressive and impossible, but as a practitioner, you really want to get a certain sense of calmness and tranquility while in the pose. It's your time to break free and soar!

You are either a dude who's heard of yoga but never had the opportunity to try it out or you are already a regular practitioner. Regardless, this class is meant for you! Targeting specific muscle groups and poses that may elude most male practitioners, this class harnesses your upper body strength and at the same time working on flexibility of your back and lower body. Yoga is not just meant for women in tights; it's for us men too! So, let's have fun and sweat it out.