At Yoga+, most of the yoga happens outside of the yoga mat. Through our regular yoga classes, monthly workshops and other activities, no matter whether you are the absolute beginner or the advanced practitioner, we invite you to explore the infinite possibilities beyond the yoga asanas.


Yoga+ partners up with local brands and initiatives with a focus on health and wellness to instil mindful living outside of the yoga mat. From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and even the books we read, we inspire individuals to live up to the best versions of themselves.


Yoga+ believes that the asana practice is a form of self expression. Through collaborative efforts with art studios and bookshops, Yoga+ aims to inspire creative expression in our students through regular art jams, book clubs, and a library nestled in the studio. By exploring various forms of art and literary influences, we inspire individuals to be more introspective both physically and mentally.


At Yoga+, we challenge individuals to be mindful and aware of the potential power of their practice. By partnering yoga with various social causes throughout the year, we aim to raise funds and awareness for various social causes ranging from breast cancer awareness, autism, and many more. Through these partnerships, we seek to educate our students on these social issues and empower them to make a difference in these causes through yoga.