(Sharing by Yisi Teo as part of 30hr Discovery Programme)

I’m pretty sure everyone knows that being greedy is not a good trait. We’ve been taught since young to “just take one sweet ah, don’t be greedy!” But is it even possible to not desire more of anything? Look around us. The kid there wants more play time, the student wants better grades and more pocket money, the working adult wants a higher salary and lesser workload, the leader wants more recognition, the government somewhere is corrupted, the yogi wants to nail that perfect pincha… you get the drift.

In one of the eight limbs of Yoga, Aparigraha is introduced. It means being free of desire. While the pessimist in me thinks that in today’s time and age, Aparigraha could be an unreachable goal, a very useful approach towards it was mentioned in class. As cliche as it may sound, the key is to find satisfaction with what we already possess. What we have may not even be enough for whatever, but still, be thankful we have it. I think that at the very least, this keeps us conscious of what we are yearning for – whether it is arising from pure greed, ego or necessity. And so, we can stop the unnecessary struggles for things that don’t serve us well.