Handstand Immersion with Fizzy
10, 17, 24 March, and 31 March 2018
Saturdays only
3pm – 5pm
Yoga+ Arab St

Join Fizzy this March for a 4 week Handstand Immersion, breaking down the tips and tricks of nailing a safer handstand through physical conditioning, greater anatomical understanding of a handstand, all while building phenomenal strength in your core, arms, shoulders, chest, and wrists.

Formerly a calisthenics instructor, Fizzy believes in the importance of creating both strength and flexibility to nail a safe and efficient handstand. His classes are often peppered with calisthenics routines to develop a good balance of flexibility, mobility, strength and breathing techniques.

Early bird for this 4 week programme is at SGD400 (ends 10 Feb 2018), with usual price at SGD480.

Experiences from students at the Handstand Immersion programme last November:

Liping Heng: The handstand workshop in December was fantastic. Learnt a lot of useful (and painful) techniques and Fizzy really shows a lot of dedication in helping the participants achieve better postures and increase strength. Coming from a place not being able to jump up to handstand against the wall as of September, I feel that I have made a lot of progress since!

I hope to join the March workshop if I’m not travelling so will keep fingers crossed.

Elodie Warner: I was very lucky to take part of the handstand training at Yoga+ with Fizzy last Nov/Dec 2017. This workshop was really great and I learned a lot of new tips, conditioning workout and much more. It was also lots of fun and even though it was my first time at this studio, I felt included right away.

Fizzy managed to create a friendly and supportive atmosphere during class and even after class through a whatsapp group, and that was amazing! He is very encouraging, positive and really managed to motivate us to practice more in order to reach our target.
I already decided to join his next training and I can’t wait!

Slots are limited as we are keeping this programme small and intimate.