Empower and strengthen your pregnancy with our pre natal programme led by gynaecologist Dr Bianca.

Happening every Saturday at 2pm, this class seeks to prepare you both physically and mentally for childbirth through gentle yoga postures and breathing exercises.

There is no better time to fully connect with your child through gentle physical postures, breath work, and stay active throughout your pregnancy. Email us at hey@yogaplus.sg for any enquiries.


Bianca has been teaching yoga for 2 years but previously was a licensed and practicing doctor for 5 years. Her training was under Obstetrics and Gynecology under a prestigious hospital, which has enabled her to perform hundreds births inclusive of spontaneous and surgical deliveries, normal and complicated pregnancies. Her exposure to the entire journey of a woman’s pregnancy stems from her studies in embryology, anatomy and physiology from nearly a decade of medical studies as a University Scholar.

It is with this breadth of experience that she has created a unique and powerful prenatal yoga class.

As a physician, she appeases and addresses the clinical aspect of the pregnancy and as a Yoga teacher, she integrates techniques to allow women to have an awareness of their bodies and mentality that will carry over to their labor. These techniques are incalculably influential in labor to help transform the sensitivities of many women have about birth. She helps women find their strength, confidence, and power while surrendering and focusing during yoga.

Being both a honed by years of conservative rigid medical knowledge and skills she has now embraced a progressive mindset of a yoga teacher which works symbiotically by providing mothers-to-be have a safe space to nourish their health, well-being and postpartum recovery.