Angie’s yoga journey thus far has been what she had least expected when she stepped on the mat 3.5 years ago. What started off as a way to keep active became more than just about the asanas. The lessons that she had learnt from the mat became valuable experiences that would carry her through life’s ups and downs. This led her to pursue a teaching career in the industry fresh out of college graduation.

Angie loves incorporating creative flows into her sequence and strongly believes in the importance of basic techniques and alignment to achieve advanced poses safely. Angie is also an ERYT-200 trainer with experience in running over 400 hours of immersion and training programmes. She was a resident trainer at Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay in Bali.


Bernice began her yoga journey in 2013 and never looked back since. In pursuing her love for yoga, Bernice took her teaching certification in Hatha Vinyasa and eventually found herself on the teacher’s mat. The satisfaction she gets from helping others practice safely and achieving their potential motivates her to do better every day.

She has a deep passion for arm balances and inversions, so expect some gravity-defying poses and sequences in her classes! Bernice loves a good sweaty Flow class as well as the focused and introspective nature of Stretch classes.

Bernice is a strong supporter of lifelong learning, and she will always be first and foremost – a student of yoga.


Growing up, it’s fair to say that Bianca constantly sought to improve people’s lives. As she tinkered with a toy rubber stethoscope, her mother’s white cardigan, a memo “prescription” she knew since then she was to be a doctor. Dead set on her dreams, she went on to earn her doctorate in medicine at a tender age of 24, having finished with highest honours from an accelerated premedical program in the Philippines and graduating top in her batch. With her childhood dreams fulfilled, she felt her medical profession ironically took a toll on her. The long arduous 36 hour shifts led her to rethink her life goal.

Bianca’s practice roots from the empowerment that comes with a seamlessly aligned asana. She encourages her students to cultivate peace in an asana through the union of strength flexibility in harmony with the breath.

With her strong medical and anatomical background, she provides a safe space for her students to seek serenity, balance, and refuge. Radical and even taboo for some, she hung up her coat but never resigned from her drive to make a difference. She continues to live her dreams, still treating people but now on the mat, clad in tights and a prescription for patience.


Fizzy found yoga in early 2015 after he faced a standstill in his calisthenics practices. Flexibility was a love-hate relationship as he wasn’t able to touch his toes in his first yoga class. He took that incident as a sign to take a step towards improving his flexibility, and it didn’t take long for him to fall in love with yoga.

He believes in a holistic approach to bodyweight workouts. He’s often working on yoga routines with a dash of calisthenics to develop a good balance of flexibility, mobility, strength and breathing techniques.


Hui Lian’s first encounter with yoga was when her friend introduced her to classical sun salutation up in the mountains of Nepal during a trekking trip – the warmth & serenity generated from the few rounds of surya namaskara in the chilly weather made her realise the sheer power and effects of yoga. Since then, she owes her sanity and balance in life to yoga. Yoga has made her draw awareness inwards and unravelled so much about the body, both physical, mental and also emotional.

She often imparts her own experience getting into poses and emphatises with the struggle students face. With a keen focus on alignment, she encourages students to explore the challenges of yoga safely. She believes that one can never expect a consistent perfection in the practice, or even in life. The key is to just keep going and discover that calmness, strength and that joy in the pursuit of it.


Joyce reconnected with yoga in 2012. Like many, her journey started out solely as a physical practice, but with time evoked a change of perspective in her life.

In early 2017, Joyce took a leap of faith and left her 7-year graphic design job in search of meaning and more. On her road to self-discovery, she landed herself in a 200HR Yoga Teacher training, Reiki Healing, and eventually on the teaching mat. Empowered with the responsibility to share the magic of Yoga as she receives. Found more, with less.

Pushing boundaries even in the simplest asanas, with intent for a deeper connection with the mind and body. Due to her clumsiness she emphasises on strong foundations and safe transitions, allowing time and space for breakthroughs to happen. As her practice evolved from pure physical to more mindful movements, she hopes to inspire others to discover their realms of awareness and possibilities.

Out of the yoga studio, Joyce still a graphic designer and a daydreamer in constant inquiry of the balance between making meaning and a living. Striving to spark joy one breath, one body, one soul at a time, on or beyond the yoga mat.


Kayla used yoga form of treatment to alleviate her running injuries and to help her breathe better. A strong believer of the power of breath in stabilizing thoughts and action, her physical routine transformed into a medium to reflect and find her freedom through movement, allowing her to achieve stillness in stability on & even off the mat. Constantly reminding students to breathe even in the most difficult of poses, Kayla aims to not only to impart a good workout but to sustain the feeling of being stable and in control through breathing even when things seem to spiral out of control, as student leave the mat.


Kim found yoga through Jennifer Aniston. She saw that Yoga was responsible for Jen’s hard rock abs and decided to give it a try. 5 years (& no hard rock abs) later, Kim is still in love with the practice of moving meditation. Yoga has profoundly changed her life positively on and off the mat. The practice has taught Kim compassion, empathy and to develop optimism- especially during challenging events. Yoga has taught Kim not to take anything too seriously and to take on the #attitudeofgratitude every single day.

Expect to move a lot during Kim’s classes. She loves to challenge her students but provides the space for them to grow their own expression. You will definitely get a full menu of arm balances and inversions in her classes. One of her favorite part of Yoga is the community and connection between like-minded people. Be ready to get to know your fellow Yoga+ community as Kim loves to incorporate funky partner postures. Finally, Kim takes pride on her killer playlist. Don’t be shy to give her a compliment on her music after class!


Riane started yoga as an alternative body conditioning to compliment her dance training. Being trained in competitive Dancesport since the age of 11, she has instilled great body awareness, alignment and fluidity in movement. Since discovering yoga, it has allowed her to go one step further by helping to unlock greater range of movement, endurance, stability and power. It also rehabilitated her old injuries, brought calmness and patience to her intense trainings that can last up to 10 hours a day.

Expect to progress fluidly through asanas, linking breath to movement in her flow classes that are unique with graceful transitions and creative poses. She emphasizes on proper technique and alignment for a safe and effective practice, offering variations with different levels of intensity allowing it to be accessible for everyone. She lives for euphoric moments when she’s able to help students touch their toes or float up into inversions; discovering more about themselves. She always ensures her participants walk out of her classes refreshed with good vibes and new knowledge.


Richelle loves how yoga challenges her to work towards improvement, and how constant learning happens with yoga – there’s always something for everyone to work on on the mat, and something to practice off the mat.

What started as an avenue to relief back issues has since evolved into something so much more both physically and mentally. She struggled to reach her toes in her first class, but was intrigued by what kept people coming back to the mat. Weekly practices turned into bi-weekly ones, and soon enough this constant practice led to gradual progress and a yearning for deeper knowledge. Finally making sense of what it meant to “move with your breath”, finding ease in fundamental poses, and the never-ending challenge with advanced ones, Richelle hopes that sharing this knowledge in her classes can help practitioners make progress in their personal practice. Build a solid foundation, and it may take you a whole load of patience, but as they all say, the poses will come naturally to you (it’s true!).

Richelle enjoys conjuring up a good flow, going back to basics, and at times finding flight on the mat. So expect a good balance of strength and flexibility poses in an all-rounded practice in class.


Suffian’s interest in reading yoga and Eastern philosophy preceeded his practice on the mat. His quest to seek some understanding to his being in the world has led him to read up on and experience spirituality and religion.

It was only when he realised the parallels of a yoga practice and the act of prayer that everything made sense; surrendering oneself and doing something just for the love of it gave depth to an otherwise mundane ritual.

This connection made Suffian appreciate yoga ever so more and thankful that his mom had dragged him to yoga classes early on and exposed him to the infinite possibilities that yoga can offer.

Suffian hopes that with his yoga practice of over a decade can inspire others to consider yoga to be a quiet, introspective practice as much as a physically demanding one.