(Sharing from Sally Lim as part of the 30hr Yoga Discovery Programme)

Satya is the Sanskrit word for truth and in Yoga, Satya is one of the 5 yamas. Satya simply means being being truthful in one’s thought, speech and action. One can practice Satya in life by not resorting to falsehood, always speaking and standing by the truth. It is also being honest and showing integrity especially when no one is looking and ensuring that we refrain from hiding the truth and not sabotaging and causing pain or hurt to someone.

There are many aspects of life we could practice Satya. For example being faithful in a marriage or relationship. At work, not taking other people’s credit as our own. To me Satya is really about having integrity, and my favourite quote that I live by is ” Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” You can lie to others, but the truth is within yourself and you can never lie to yourself.

Aparigraha is non-greediness. It is practicing self-restraint from greed especially where one’s own material gain or happiness comes by hurting, killing or destroying other human beings, life forms or nature.

To adapt one of this virtue in Yoga, we can restraint ourselves from temptations and always be contented and thankful with what we have. It can be as simple as controlling my urge to buy more yoga wear, shoes and bags especially when I do not need them. These days, alot of people are chasing their dreams, the 5 Cs in life to prove one’s success. Many people push themselves so hard that they spend way above their limits and capabilities and end up in debts that they cannot pay off. This is a kind of greed for status.

On a deeper level, it could also mean being less ‘ambitious’ of one’s achievements, for instance in our daily yoga practice. Nowadays with the influence of various social media platforms, we could see many yoga practitioners , whether experienced or beginners are always challenged to do some yoga poses that they might not be physically ready to execute the poses yet and would probably end up injuring themselves just for a minute of fame. This to me is also a form of ego greed and it contradicts the exact practice of Yoga.

Hence we have to constantly remind ourselves and check in on our own limits to stand by the practice of Aparigraha on and off the mat.