(Sharing by Chompunuch Chinlipas as part of the 30hr Yoga Discovery Programme)

My chosen Yama for the individual task is Aparigraha. From my understanding, it refers to non-covetousness aka be content of what you have and do not desire for more.

Disclaimer: Personally, I cannot practice this fully (especially material aspect of this-clothes, shoes, success, career and etc.). However, I’ll be sharing some of my experiences which I can relate to this Yama.

Example – when I have expectations and things don’t go my way, be it at work or in my personal life. I get disappointed, frustrated, upset or angry just like any other human being would feel. After I calm down, I will ask myself whether the consequence is already really happening? Or it is just a self-talk? And if it is really happening, then is it the end of the world? The thing is, most times it is not actually the end of the world. So instead of beating myself up, which is something I used to do when I was younger, I let go of those thoughts and mindfully go at it again or simply just let it be. In short, moral of the story – do not desire of what you do not already have and no problem in life is really the end of the world, although you might feel like it is. Let go of the thoughts and fear of what “potentially” going to happen in the future and roll with it.

Vice versa, when I’m happy and so high with life, I always get carried away by those feelings and feel as if I’m at the top of the world. Since young, my dad used to tell me not to be overly happy because I will get super sad when shit hits the fan (he didn’t use those exact term but I think the phrase is concise enough to convey my message) and I never used to get it. Turns out, it is true. I only realised this not too long ago when I’m older that I get unnecessarily more sad/emo when I just come back from a holidays, for instance. Again, moral of the story – what goes up must comes down, hence the higher it goes, the harder it falls.

So, to sum it up, Aparigraha teaches you not to be greedy because greed don’t make you feel whole- so don’t be anything less than a whole